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Madinat al Zahra

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Ron Hubble and the Brothers Magañas of Spain bring you

Madinat al-Zahra de Cordoba
A fantasy reconstruction from the lost Palace of the Moors, Cordoba

Ron has teamed up with the noted creators of scale reproductions from southern Spain's incomparable Andalusia. Using techniques passed down for a thousand years “Los Hermanos” and Ron have created a jewel box to hold dreams of a lost place and time.

A finished Room Box is available from Ron, complete with intricate paint work, marbleizing, flooring, lighting, upholstered exterior... every architectural detail as shown in the photos for $5300. Furnishings are available separately.

Graphics work, tiles, floor and ceiling are authentic reproductions taken from the era and beautifully recreated by Silk Purse Graphics and Susan Bembridge.

Contact Ron at to make arrangements or for credit card purchase click here. 

(furnishings not included; interior dimensions 18”w x 17”h x 13”d)